Use it for packaging

Expanded EPS loose-fill SPAN-PACK® has a wide variety of uses. We produce it in different geometric shapes. Some interlock each other to hold the product in place. Others are only used as a void-fill and do not need interlocking. Some people need small particles for small boxes. Sometimes you need a flat shape to fill a narrow space. We do all of them. If you are thinking about a shape for a new application, please contact us. Perhaps we can help you.

SPAN-PACK® is suitable for packaging of delicate instruments. Porcelain, glass, electonics, spare parts, packing, these are examples of a wide variety of uses.

It is a classic within packaging materials. This standard  material for dunnage prevents movement by stabilising the product during shipping. It´s design prevents even heavy products from sliding to the sides or sinking to the bottom of a box.

The minimum guideline for loose fill materials is to use a minimum of two inches (5.08 cm) around all sides of the container. In addition, the package will need to be overfilled slightly to allow for shifting and settling.

How to pack an article:

1- Fill the bottom of the box with the expanded loose-fill (thickness varies upon desired protection - minimum 5 cm. /  2 inches).

2- Hold the product and fill with expanded particles around all sides (also on top of the product). Slightly overfill the box for shifting and settling.

3- Close the box noting slight preassure (better interlock avoids movement of articles).


Expanded polystyrene loose-fill is a cost effective product. It has a very low bulk density giving a maximum protection compared with weight of material used.